It’s a wrap

My favorite project this semester was the video story project. I feel like this project was the easiest to apply my topic, about me, to. It was very flexible and I’ve found that videos are my favorite form of media to create. I also feel like the video project was one of the best ways to portray my topic by showing what goes on in a typical day of my life.

I learned a lot of new skills in this class, such as learning how to use Adobe programs and using them to create a form of media with simple restrictions. I will use these skills at my new job at the AML computer lab to aid students using these programs and possibly teaching some to use the programs.

I came into this year (my first year of college) with the intent of pursuing a career with a communication degree. After taking a few COM classes, including this one, I came to find that this isn’t the career path that I want to take. I did enjoy some of the projects that we did in this class, but I just don’t see myself doing these things as a career. I originally wanted to major in Journalism and Media Production, but now I can only see myself creating media as just a hobby if anything. Although this class became irrelevant to the new path that I have chosen as a business major, I am still grateful for the skills that I’ve learned because they helped me qualify for my new job.

Other websites other than the course website that I found useful were websites that I found on my own through Google just to find inspiration for my projects or to find media to legally add to mine.

Overall, I’m really glad I took this class because once again, it helped me get a job, and it also helped me realize that communication just isn’t for me. I’m happy that I figured it out now, rather than later on in my college career.


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