Final Video Story

My inspiration for my video came from my friend, who gave me the idea to do “A Day in the Life of Alexis” because the topic of my blog is About Me. After choosing to stick to that idea, I debated between making my video of a typical day in my life or just recording throughout a random day. I made the decision to just make a video of a typical day so that my audience can get an insight to what my everyday life is like (which isn’t extremely exciting). Creating my storyboard really helped me visualize what my video was going to be like. It also helped me be able to fit my whole day, from when I open my eyes until I close them, into a 1-2 minute video.

I had my friend who gave me the idea record all the shots that I was in. Before recording, I always showed him exactly what I wanted in the frame and told him exactly what to do. We shot everything with my iPhone and then I emailed all of the videos to myself and downloaded them to my computer in order to be able to import them. Once I imported all of the videos, I dragged them into the project pane and put them all in order. Then I highlighted all of them, and unlinked them from their audio by going to Clip and clicking Unlink. After that, I selected all of the audio and deleted it.

Then, I looked at each clip in the preview pane and trimmed them down to how I wanted them by putting markers where I wanted them to begin (Mark In) and where I wanted them to end (Mark Out). After trimming a clip, I deleted the original in the project pane and replaced it with the new one. Once I was done editing each clip, I put them all together and then added effects. At first, I just put random ones in so that there was a variety, but after watching the video, I changed a few. I chose the effects by going to the bottom left corner pane, choosing Effects, and then going down to Video Transitions.

Once I was content with the video, I looked up royalty free music websites and found a song on where the music is free as long as you give him credit. Direct link: For my end credits, I went to Title > New Title > Default Roll, centered the title, and put who it was directed by (me), who it was filmed by, and gave credit for the music. I also added a still title for the beginning of my video. One more thing that I did was create a fade in and fade out for the background music using the skills I learned in Audition (putting key frames).


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