Raw Video Footage

Storyboard: A Day in the Life of Alexis

Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:10  Title “A Day in the Life of Alexis” over video of me rolling out of bed Music fading in
0:11-0:31  View of me in mirror walking into the bathroom, rubbing eyes, and brushing teeth Music
0:32-0:37  Me walking into the closet in pajamas and then walking out completely ready Music
0:38-0:44 Me with backpack on, grabbing keys as I head out the door Music
0:45-0:50 View of me driving through campus from inside car Music
0:51-1:00 Video of class lecture Music
1:01-1:11 Me doing homework Music
1:12-1:15 Me getting in car Music
1:16-1:26 Me opening door to room and saying hi to cats, then laying in bed to take a nap Music
1:21-1:31 Me waking up, checking phone, then getting up Music
1:32-1:37 Me cooking Music
1:38-1:42 Me eating Music
1:43-2:00 View of TV from bed of me putting Netflix on Music fades out

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