Final Audio Story

For my audio story, I originally started out with the idea of asking my friends and family to record themselves saying the first thing they think of when they think about me. I had them email the recordings to me, but when I imported them onto Audition, I had some technical difficulties with some of the recordings. This issue led me to change my idea to having a friend conduct an interview with me. I made up a series of questions that I believe would help my audience get to know me better. After making up the questions, I asked a fellow COM 210 classmate to be my interviewer. To avoid having to record the whole thing multiple times if any mistakes were made, I recorded my friend asking the questions separately from my responses. I recorded each question and each response separately.

After recording and importing everything, I dragged each file in order onto the mixer. Then, I listened very closely and adjusted the volume on some of the clips so that they were not too loud or too quiet compared to the others. To make the transition between each clip smoother, I dragged a fade in and fade out for every clip. For some, I had to drop points at the ends or beginnings of the clips to mute a noise that was made between the clips. After making sure everything sounded smooth, I went on the website: and found a song that I felt went well in the background of my audio story. I dragged the volume bar down to where I felt was good enough for one to hear my voice and the music at the same time. Then I let the music play a little longer after the interview and faded it out.


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