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To begin the process of creating my logo, I started off by looking at some of the websites that were posted on the instruction page for the assignment as well as some websites that I found through Google. The links to the websites I looked at are:–vector-338

123 Beautiful Personal Logos, Monograms and Wordmarks For Your Inspiration

Because the topic of my blog is About Me, I knew from the start that I wanted my logo to be constructed somehow out of my initials, which is what led me to the websites of personal logo designs. After looking at a couple websites, I started sketching and brainstorming on a piece of paper. One of my sketches was of an A minus the horizontal line with an S over it so that the S line connecting the curves of the S replaced the horizontal line.

As soon as I was content with my sketch, I moved onto Illustrator. I started by using the pen tool and setting the stroke to 10 pt. Then I made a line at an angle for the A shape. I went to the stroke settings on the line and set the caps to rounded. After making that line, I copied and pasted it and then reflected it. I connected the lines at the top ends to make the A or upside down V shape and then grouped them by selecting both of them and going to object and then group.

To make the S, I made one anchor and put another one directly below it where I wanted the first curve of the S to end. Without letting go of the mouse on the second anchor, I dragged it to the right to create the first curve. To make the second curve of the S, I just clicked over to the left. I made sure that the S had only a 10 pt stroke so that it matched the upside down V. Then I dragged the S on top of the upside down V and scaled it so that the top end of it connected to the angle of the upside down V and so that the bottom end connected to the bottom left end of the V. I selected everything and grouped them together.

In my draft, I originally had the letters black and the spaces filled in with random colors that I felt looked well together. For my final, I decided to change the color of the letters to white to make them more obvious that they were AS and take away the colors that I filled in. Then I made a circle using the ellipse tool and changed it to one of my favorite colors so that the color relates more to myself. Then I sent it to the back and centered my letters on top of it. In my critiques, one of the main things that my group liked was the simplicity of my logo so I really wanted to keep that while making my revisions.

One thought on “Final Logo

  1. Jacob Share says:

    I like the colorful first version but it’s true that this final version’s letters are easier to read, use of negative space usually rocks, and the simple, flat design makes the logo much more flexible when scaling up or down.

    But please PLEASE don’t save solid color images as compressed JPGs, the result is a splotchy image above. Instead, go PNG, that’s what they’re for.


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