Final Narrative Graphic Collage

Final Narrative Graphic Collage

For my final narrative graphic collage, I still did just about exactly what I had in mind for my draft. I think that one of the most interesting things about myself is that I grew up in different parts of the world, and like many other military kids, I’m not exactly sure what to call home. Military kids that move around a lot all know the struggle of not knowing what to say when someone asks us “Where are you from?”. We’re not sure whether we should just say where we were born, where we lived last, or where we lived the longest.

To start off my collage, I found a free image of the world to use as my background. I found it here: Then I went through my photos and found either photos that I took or ones that were taken of myself around the world. As I created each layer, I edited most of the photos by adjusting the curves, vibrance, levels, and brightness until I thought they would be visible enough on the map. I also used the crop tool and cropped each picture into a square so that they were all the same size. Before using the moving tool to drag the photos to the map, I feathered each photo by going to Select<Modify< then I typed in 50 px for Border and 20 px for Feather. Then I pressed Select<Inverse and then refined the edges.

I shrunk each photo down to about .0650 x .0650 by pressing the command key and T and I held down the shift bar to make sure it shrunk perfectly. After doing that to each photo and placing them near the countries they were taken, I went down to the shape tool and then the line tool to create lines from each picture to where they were taken. I set the size of the lines to 10 px although I don’t think they showed up 10 px thick. After creating lines from each picture to each country, I used the text tool and added “Some people don’t know where to call home, and I’m proudly one of them”. I think that this text will help viewers understand the aspect of myself that I am trying to portray.

As I created my final draft, I definitely kept suggestions from my group members in mind. One of the suggestions was  to feather out the edges of my photos to make them blend better with the map, which I had already had in mind but I did not know how to do. Another suggestion that I executed was making each photo the same size and shape so that it looked more uniform.


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