During the course of this semester, I will be creating digital multimedia projects based on the topic I chose, “About Me”. I believe that this topic will be easy to apply to each project because they will all be central to me, and nobody knows me better than myself. I think this topic will allow me to create each project with more enthusiasm and devotion.

Growing up as a military child, I got to experience a lot of things. I got to travel around the world and live in different countries. I was able to experience many different cultures and customs firsthand. I didn’t move around as much as some military kids had to, but with as many times as I did, I learned how to adapt to new places and meet new people. I think that all of these things have lead me to be a more openminded person and have made me more prepared for the future.


I’m the oldest daughter out of three. My sisters are 15 and 13 years old. So in other words, they’ve got the biggest attitudes. We all live with just my mom so there’s definitely a copious amount of estrogen in the house. My mom has always been the main one who took care of my sisters and I. When we lived with my dad, she was a stay-at-home mom until about 2 years before we moved out. Even while she was employed, she always did more for us.

Moving away from my dad didn’t really make a difference other than just not seeing him around. Watching my mom do her job as a single mother to 3 children while only making so much money has made me envy her strength and perseverance. She works so hard to make sure my sisters and I are able to live comfortably, have everything that we need, and give us the things we want when she is able to.

Money is not my motive in pursuing my career. The amount that my mom makes is not a bad amount, but to be able to house and take care of 3 teenagers and herself is quite significant. I know that if I pursue a career in what I love to do, which I hope to figure out soon, I will be just fine making an at least decent amount because my mom is doing it with having to take care of more than just herself.



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